Has it been this long? There are many exciting things going on.

Wahoo!  I managed to survive my first true bazaar at Funky Finds and did far better than I anticipated.  I met my sales "goal" and received a whole lot of excellent feedback from other vendors who have been doing this a long time.  Comments such as "I've not seen anyone else doing what you are doing" made me smile and feel very pleased I have stepped into something which is unique. So onward and upward into more fabric repurposing. 

Next up will be Memorial Day weekend when I head to the Lavender Ridge Farm festival just outside of Gainesville, Texas. www.lavenderridgefarms.com   There should be about 5000 folks who attend and this will be another great opportunity to introduce people to the idea of re-purposing fabrics into new items.  Often repurposing is something just not considered as an option so there is delight in showing people what can be done.  

The other exciting news is that I now have two web-based shops.  One is on Zibbett.com called threads-by-m.zibbet.com and the other on Etsy.com/eyesmaderound.   Very exciting to have both shops up and running.  The most difficult part has been finding ways to take good photographs of my products.  The mat covers are so long its hard to get a good shot and the totes are hard to get a photo because they collapse on themselves when they aren't full.   I'm getting better and  having fun figuring it out.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  

Back to the sewing machine.....

live beautifully and with intention