Happy Holidays and Happy New Year - that's how it goes

Happy Holidays!! Has it already been a month since last I posted.  The bazaar has come and gone and it's almost Christmas and the New Year is about to appear.  2014 has come and gone so quickly. 

The Bazaar went alright.  I actually sold more than I thought I would and was able to talk with folks who have connections to yoga studios so that was exciting.  It was good to sit and spend time with my sister and niece as well as hang out with my family.  A rare treat given I live 2400 miles away.  

As December and this year come to a close I am looking ahead and am applying for the Minnesota Yoga Conference as a vendor to try my hand at something a bit bigger and more specific to yoga and fitness.  I have to submit an application and go through a short jury process. Exciting and frightening at the same time but so scary I won't do it.  Costs me nothing and a no is simply an opportunity to try again with better information.  (thanks Henry Ford - love that saying). 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and get to spend it with family and friends, those you love. 

I've started work on a braided rug that will end up looking like a labyrinth.  Hopefully a peaceful kind of rug that can be used for meditation or for peaceful consideration of life.    I figure at this point it will take me perhaps 150-200 hours to complete it so it will be little by little.  The fabric is left over pieces from the yoga towels so it's a reuse project. I hope it is useful for someone when it is complete.