Eyesmaderound is a Dallas based company.

Every product is handmade from reclaimed fabrics.  My fabrics have been previously loved or discarded as unsuitable and unlovely.  Every piece of fabric deserves to be loved and created into something lovely.   I seek to use every thread of these fabrics and this brings the wonderful result of a hint of whimsy amidst a strength of practicality. 

Realizing our consumer-based world is filling up earths proverbial attic and storage spaces I look to find ways, sometimes itty bitty tiny ways, to love this earth and by extension those who dwell upon its land.  

Only by working together can we make a difference and keep our world a beautiful place to be enjoyed into the future.

Thanks for shopping by.  Live beautifully and with intention. 





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email: Martha@eyesmaderound.com

Always open. Always designing. 

Monday – Friday 12:30am – 11:30pm
Saturday/Sunday 1 am – 10 pm


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